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Undertake This Journey For The Forgiveness Of Your Sins!

Hear ye, hear ye! We call ye forth this blessed day to tell ye of the new crusade that shall begin! This escapade shallt be a historic journey! If thou join us in our quest, thou wilt find adventure! Fight to earn thy salvation. Thou shalt obtain great wealth! Thou wilt assist in reuniting the Holy Church. Thee debts and taxes of thee shalt be excused. Thou art a brave warrior if thee assist in regaining the Holy Land. Thou shalt bring closure to feudal wafare between thy Christians. Join us on this blessed day, this is your chance!

Earn Your Salvation By Becoming A Crusader!

Still not with us? Perhaps I shalt convince ye with evidence of thee success of thee past crusades. In past crusades, we have conquered many lands. Thy lands including Syria, Palestine, Edessa, and Jerusalem. In past crusades we have had Louis VII, the Holy Roman emperor, and Condrad III join us. After thy last crusades, Italian merchants have increased thy trade. Cotton, silk, and spices are being exported all around Europe. Travel has also increased, especially sailing. Sailing has even become easier with the use of thy new invention called thee compass. Join us now, for it is thy last chance to come forth with us on this journey!

Thou shalt give power to thy Church and thy Pope.

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